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Can a Sterilizer Really be Green?

Sterilization n is a process that will use resources such as water and electricity. However, there are some small steps that we can take so that they use as little resources as necessary.

2-Stage Water Saving Vacuum Pump Reduces Water Consumption by 75%

A Two-stage water ring vacuum pump in block construction is equipped for silent operation and high performance. The vacuum system is integrated into the sterilizer and is equipped with a rotary current motor, trap valve, counter-flow heat exchanger, and a unique water saving circulation system which include a waste water separating tank and a thermostatically controlled water saving circuit for additional water saving. This system reduces water consumption by more than 75% from standard water ring vacuum pumps or water ejectors.

What shape is your chamber...Really

Rectangular sterilizers are the most efficient shape to use for sterilization. You can utilize the complete space with not much wasted area. However, cylinder sterilizers have always been less expensive build. Manufacturers figured out that they could build a cheap cylinder chamber and place a rectangular insert to make it appear to me the more efficient rectangular chamber. However, with this design, the sterilizer still needs to heat the complete cylinder, thus wasting up 30%-40% more steam.