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Request a quote for a Jupiter Pure Steam Generator


The Jupiter Pure Steam Generator utilizes an efficient evaporation column identical to a multiple-effect water still, thereby providing the highest quality Pure Steam. When condensed, the pure steam exceeds the requirements of the latest US Pharmacopoeia for Water-for-Injection. Each unit is produced to comply with the US FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices and is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • All stainless steel construction – no rusting/rouging
  • Extremely tight pure steam pressure control – no pressure regulator needed
  • Industry standard control system – Allen-Bradley PLC or Siemens
  • Non-proprietary components – readily available from local sources
  • Wetted evaporator – less stress on welds, more corrosion resistant
  • Two-year pressure vessel warranty
  • 100% drainable design – no standing water
  • Sanitary diaphragm valves used on feed water, pure steam and WFI lines
  • 25 Ra electropolished finish on feed water & product piping
  • Extensive validation documentation – reduces on site validation time


The Jupiter Pure Steam Generators provide extremely tight control of the pure steam pressure with ± 1.5 psig (0.1 bare.) A pressure transducer monitors the pure steam pressure and automatically varies the heating steam flow to maintain the operator selected set point. Feed water is controlled by a modulation control valve. This precise control of the pure steam eliminates the need for costly sanitary pressure reducing valves in the pure steam header.


The Allen-Bradley PICO Controller automatic controls all the clean steam generator functions. The controller is mounted in a UL listed NEMA 4 panel.


The Jupiter Pure Steam Generator utilizes an evaporator design that allows the evaporator tube bundle to be totally immersed in feed water. The shell side of the evaporator contains the heating steam. The feed water is always present whenever heating steam is applied to the evaporator. As a result, when heating or cooling occurs in the pure steam generator, the shell and tubes will expand or contract at the same rate. This eliminates tension to the tubes, shell, welds, and reduces stress corrosion. The feed water immersed tubes allow for steady generated steam flow upward in the tubes, which greatly reduces the scaling effect prone to dry falling film. As a result of this safe design, evaporators are warranted for a full two years.


The unique depyrogenation system of the pure steam generator is achieved by total separation of the feed water and the generated steam. A specially designed baffle system separates the droplets from the generated steam in the first stage. A second system forces the steam to make a series of 180-degree turns stripping off any remaining impurities. All impurities and water droplets are directed to the wall of the column or drained through the central drain tube. This highly efficient, two-stage separation process enables the Jupiter Pure Steam Generator to produce pyrogen-free, WFI-quality steam regardless of incoming feed water quality.